Welcome To Creativityville!

too_much_colourCreative Business Mind focuses on three things:

 Thinking Differently

Working Better

Making More

In any order you like.

The key to it all can be summed up in one word. Can you guess what that word might be? I think it’s…



Thinking Differently

All current business models are obsolete or soon will be. Innovation doesn’t stand still. Change is the new norm.

Stay where you are, think the same thoughts, do what you’ve always done, and you WILL be left behind.

Thinking differently means more than implementing yet another re-hashed ‘paradigm-shifting’ methodology or jumping on the latest bizarre best-selling business bandwagon.

When you decide to think differently, to think truly creatively, you don’t actually know what the outcome will be. But you can be sure of one thing: you won’t be getting left behind, nor will you be standing still.

You will be leading through innovation and example. You will be forging ahead. You may be leaving others behind.

Working Better

If thinking differently is done in the starting blocks, working better is thundering down the home straight.

The different, innovative and often daring ideas you produced in the first phase are now put into practice.

The simple fact is, we can always improve what we are doing: our working methods, our managing skills and our organisational and thinking processes.

There are a million ways, both great and small, in which we can use creativity to get a little – and why not a whole lot – better, every day.

Making More

Now it’s time to cross the finishing line and reap the rich rewards of what you’ve sewn.

But business, like life, doesn’t end with the achievement of any given goal, and neither does creative thinking.

Embracing innovation is a continual, on-going process, an upward spiral, where each new cycle of improved decision-making and more effective working practices builds upon the last, leading from success to success.

Making more refers to many things: making more money is probably the most obvious but it’s not necessarily the most significant.

What about making more wise decisions? Making more connections between ideas, opportunities and partners? Making more people happy, through improved working conditions, more effective strategies and better end-products, services and support? All this counts and then some.

Thinking more creatively leads to more reactions, and more reactions means that ideas are getting considered and talked about. Interest and enthusiasm gets fired up and plans get worked out with the momentum to take them forward to a positive outcome.

Like building the Eiffel Tower or putting a man on the moon, everything, even the most crazy project imaginable, starts with the seed of an idea in someone’s head.

Generating ideas, turning them into concrete plans and finally overcoming all obstacles to realise the finished product, service or solution is what creative thinking is all about.

Welcome to Creative Business Mind, where dreams really do come true. It’s better than Disneyland, seriously!